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Hey guys! I just put up my first button design.. bare with me! Sorry for the strange cutoff, I miscalculated my design. Don’t worry! I promise you it won’t affect the button.


Sailor Scouts (Upside Down) button set selling for $9.00 (shipping not included).

1-1/4 inch buttons.

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New Print :) edited a bit of an old picture, hope you guys like it.

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I started up a StoreEnvy!


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Yeah I gave up lol.


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Trying to pick up drawing again D:
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Drew out my friends. I really wanted to draw people from behind… ‘cause I was just never successful at it.

And as you can see, I cheated a lot.. big poofy jackets and boxed shoes — good lord I just couldn’t do anything about them feet.

Everyone’s legs look stumpy, too :( Sorry guys!

But yes, this was for Christmas, and one of them for a more Jewish-feeling (Blue and ‘white’ lights) ‘cause she doesn’t celebrate christmas much.

Uhm.. I wanted to bound everyone by their spirit animal’s prominent features… kinda. idk.

I really enjoyed this and I love the way the images turned out. Even though the lower half of everyone’s bod is a disappointment..

Thumbnail view is suggested;;;

Okkaayyy So it wasn’t an inkling sketch and the photo I took with my phone is shitty but.. I’m really proud of this :>

Reference : [La~]

ahh! He’s really cute in this one : [Click] Why didn’t I use that one D;

I tried….

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Drew this to compensate not finishing my costume on time… HAPPY HALLOWEEN. 2013

Mind the mouth and collar bone cause they looked better in the sketch…

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Poorly executed birthday gift.