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Drew out my friends. I really wanted to draw people from behind… ‘cause I was just never successful at it.

And as you can see, I cheated a lot.. big poofy jackets and boxed shoes — good lord I just couldn’t do anything about them feet.

Everyone’s legs look stumpy, too :( Sorry guys!

But yes, this was for Christmas, and one of them for a more Jewish-feeling (Blue and ‘white’ lights) ‘cause she doesn’t celebrate christmas much.

Uhm.. I wanted to bound everyone by their spirit animal’s prominent features… kinda. idk.

I really enjoyed this and I love the way the images turned out. Even though the lower half of everyone’s bod is a disappointment..

Thumbnail view is suggested;;;

Okkaayyy So it wasn’t an inkling sketch and the photo I took with my phone is shitty but.. I’m really proud of this :>

Reference : [La~]

ahh! He’s really cute in this one : [Click] Why didn’t I use that one D;

I tried….

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Drew this to compensate not finishing my costume on time… HAPPY HALLOWEEN. 2013

Mind the mouth and collar bone cause they looked better in the sketch…

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Poorly executed birthday gift.



It’s another giveaway, everyone!  The reception was amazing the last giveaway and I know that SNK has been an huge and booming thing that has captured many hearts (including mine).  This fandom has super amazing designs and merchandise also and so for the upcoming ending of the anime, I wanted to host an giveaway for the SNK fans!  


  • Two keychains out of the ones displayed of your choice!  Choice of Levi, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and the Colossal Titan!
  • Custom “Keep Calm and Kill Titans” mug made by yours truly
  • SNK Survey Corps patch
  • ANY SNK shirt from Redbubble!  
  • An Survey Corps Hoodie of any size either in green, black, white, or orange.  I can assure how comfortable and amazing they are!


  • One keychain out of the ones displayed of your choice!  Choice of Levi, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and the Colossal Titan!
  • Custom ‘Keep Calm and Kill Titans’ mug 
  • SNK Survey Corps patch
  • ANY SNK shirt from Redbubble!  


  • You can reblog and like this post and both will count!  Please remember that Tumblr only counts this giveaway post ONCE so don’t spam your followers with it!
  • Do not use a giveaway blog to reblog this.  I will check.
  • There will be two winners BUT you may deny any prize which will be given to another lucky person.
  • This will be decided through an randomiser!
  • It is NOT necessary to follow me but any followers will receive an extra special gift as an thank you.
  • This is an international giveaway!  I will ship to P.O. boxes also.
  • Please have your askbox open.  If it’s not open or you don’t respond within 48 hours, I will be forfeiting the prize to someone else.
  • The giveaway deadline is on the 20TH OF OCTOBER, 2013, 12:00 PM BST

If you have anymore questions, send an ask to my inbox!  Thank you and good luck!

Hey guys I have to apologise!  The deadline is going to be extended to the 9th of November at 12:00 PM BST!  I’m so sorry but with a convention, essay deadlines and all of that coming up, it’s necessary!  I hope you can wait for a bit longer!  Thank you!  

I will throw in something extra for the delayed wait for the winners! 

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Sketch 2

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Livingston coffee house room pace

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After a year of not looking at this, I decided to finish lining the umbrella. It is also determined that I will never ever ever color this.

Original is the Umbrella… and then my wonderful roommate inspired me to do some others..